Unemployment figures 1983

Unemployment line - Glass is half empty - glass is half full - what glass?

Unemployment And The Economy: Rosy Pictures, Thorny Realities From The Reagan White House – June 28, 1983

Unemployment figures 1983
Unemployment line – Glass is half empty – glass is half full – what glass?

– June 28, 1983 – CBS World News Roundup + 9:00 Network news – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

June 28, 1983 – A day of mixed messages at home and abroad. During his press conference, President Reagan was asked about the then-current controversy brewing over “the Carter Briefing Book” with claims the President knew about the book, which a copy was reportedly acquired prior to his debate with Jimmy Carter during the 1980 Presidential elections, which Reagan vehemently denied knowing anything about.

But the bigger picture was the economy, which President Reagan proudly announced projects were being revised upward from 4.7% to 5.5% and assurances from the President that the economy was beginning to sparkle. In other areas, the President once again did not rule out the possibility of bringing in combat troops to El Salvador – despite not having actual plans to, Reagan left it at “never say never”. The President went on to attack the move on Capitol Hill to cap his tax cut, calling it unfair. He insisted his policies weren’t aimed at helping the rich. Mr. Reagan said it was “very frustrating, not to be able to get his message across”.

Faced with a solid Republican majority and the promised veto, Senate Democrats appeared to have no hope of imposing a $720 limit on this years tax cut, but knowing the 1984 mid-terms were just around the corner, they kept on trying.

In a special House session the night before, Democrats focused on the issue of Unemployment. House Speaker Tip O’Neil asked what became of Reagan’s promise to create 13 million new job, and Tennessee‘s Harold Ford accused the Reagan Administration of being callous to the needs of jobless Americans.

Meanwhile, Col. John Waghelstein, returning from a 15 month tour of El Salvador was heading home on this day. At his final meeting with reporters, Wagglestein predicted the war in El Salvador would last at least another two years, and if Congress didn’t act to approve all the military aid requested by The White House, it could drag on for three or four more years.

And that’s just a sample of the cheery news greeting listeners to The CBS World News Roundup for June 28, 1983.

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