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Two By The 3 Clubmen – 2023 – Past Daily Nights At The Round Table

The 3 Clubmen
The 3 Clubmen – Cheerful doses of mayhem and hooks.

1. Racecar – The 3 Clubmen – from their s/t ep – Lighterthief/Burning Shed Records – June 30, 2023

2. Look At Those Stars – The 3 Clubmen – from their s/t ep – Lighterthief/Burning Shed Records – June 30, 2023

Something new and something borderline amazing this weekend. Two cuts from the newly released (as of June 30th) debut ep by the Andy Partridge, Jen Olive and Stu Rowe collaboration known as The 3 Clubmen.

Anyone who has taken even a passing fancy to the music of late 70s/early 80s icons XTC will instantly recognize the name Andy Partridge and breath a sign of relief that Andy Partridge has lost none of his rapier wit and razor sharp songwriting skills.

XTC were one of the premier bands of the post-Punk era with Andy Partridge dubbed “The Godfather of Britpop”. Teaming up with Jen Olive, a singer-songwriter in her own right and guitar/bassist/producer Stu Rowe with many credits, including Colin Moulding, Paul Weller and The Future Sound Of London.

The result is a roomful of talent with seismic proportions, and their self-titled ep is one of those small chunks of magic that make repeated appearances in your head at all hours of the day and night.

Catchy, evocative and spot-on are phrases used maybe a little too much to describe a new band or musical endeavor – but with The 3 Clubmen, those accolades are completely apropos.

And even though the “suggested single” is Aviatrix, I found myself zeroing in on Racecar and Look At Those Stars as wonderful examples of well crafted and thoroughly addictive music.

If it was possible to wear out a music stream or a CD, this debut ep would have qualified a while ago – you simply can’t get enough. And because of that, I think we have a collaboration by three amazing talents that will, if all goes according to plan – be it either divine or skillful, go down as one of the penultimate examples of collaborations that were meant to happen.

Since their debut ep was officially released on June 30, it’s safe to say it should be available just about everywhere you make your music purchases or via the Lighterthief website (it says pre-order but now you can officially grab one).

No matter what, hit the play buttons on these two tracks and settle in – and support them however you can.

Over to you . . .

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