Democratic Convention

Democratic Convention, 1960. 63 Years ago it was all about to change.

55 Years ago it was all about to change.
63 Years ago it was all about to change.

– Democratic Convention Preview – NBC Radio Special – July 5, 1960 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

Sixty-three years ago this week, the Democrats got together in Los Angeles to select a standard-bearer. Odds-on favorite was Massachusetts Senator John F. Kennedy, although there were a few hold-outs, among them, Texas Senator Lyndon Johnson. The other issue was, if Kennedy was nominated, who would be his running mate?

Contrary to how Conventions are run now, several decades ago it was a horse race all the way up to the last minute – with bargains struck, favors granted, promises made and suspense a part of the American political process.

In this half-hour special (actually 2-15 minute reports), the pulse of the delegates was scrutinized, the word on the street was mulled over and the speculation of what was going on the “smoke-filled rooms” was rampant. A far cry from the cut-and-dried affairs that have characterized our nation’s ritual.

For a half hour you’ll hear what was going on in Los Angeles, the week before the Democratic Convention got underway, and what to expect over the coming days.

All on July 5th 1960 as captured in Special Reports from NBC Radio News.

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