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Allies Advance In Egypt – Germans Push Back – Crisis Is A Mild Word – July 11, 1942

Allies advance in Egypt. Serious business to do.

– NBC – News Of The World – July 11, 1942 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

The focus was on the Middle East this July 11th, primarily Egypt where allied forces staged a counter-attack and pushed the Axis forces back some 5 km. Fighting was intense around Alamein, but American military spokesmen were confident this was a turning point in the Middle-East War.

The good news led some on Capitol Hill to exclaim the war could be over by the end of 1942. Britain had a different take on it and urged caution not to jump to the conclusions they did in 1940. This was a war that was taking every bit of skill and equipment the allies could muster.

The question among allies had much to do with a story printed in a British paper claiming an American General would be placed as head of the United Nations in the war effort. Most felt appointing an American general was premature, especially since the American military effort was relatively new and American troops hadn’t yet battle-hardened, with the exception of Bataan in the Philippines. Most felt Soviet General Timoshenko would be better suited for the job as he was undergoing the Herculean effort of the Russian Army on the Eastern front and understood the Axis position better than anyone else. For the moment, the report was deemed an unsubstantiated rumor from Allied Headquarters.

At home; former Associated Press Berlin Bureau chief Louis Lochner was quoted as saying Hitler was slipping and a crash was bound to come, but only if America gave complete and total support to the war effort. He went on to state that Hitler was facing growing disenchantment with the war at home, but was still powerful enough to do considerable damage to the allies.

All that, and breaking news from Egypt for this July 11, 1942 as reported by NBC’s News of The World.

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