JFK - In Los Angeles - July 1960

JFK in Los Angeles - The Convention would be the capper.

A Convention Comes To Los Angeles – Plane Crash In The Philippines – Tunisia Introduces A Resolution Over The Congo – July 12, 1960

JFK - In Los Angeles - July 1960
JFK in Los Angeles – The Convention would be the capper.

July 12, 1960 – NBC Radio News On The Hour – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

July 12, 1960 – The Democratic Convention comes to Los Angeles and all the hoopla associated with Politics and ritual would be on display over the following few days. On this particular day, word from the convention floor was that it was on the verge of “breaking one way or the other” and Governor Adlai Stevenson’s name was put into nomination and it provoked by far the wildest, noisiest demonstration so far. In the meantime, the maneuvering on all sides was getting ferocious – sources close to the action were saying a deal for a Kennedy/Symington ticket was being considered if Stuart Symington withdrew his Presidential nomination in return for a vice-Presidential nomination. The report was being denied by the Symington camp on all sides. The Lyndon Johnson camp was reported to be putting out feelers to the Symington camp – so everything was up in the air. DNC Chairman Collins said that he would keep the convention in session past quitting time until they got a decision. Could be a long night.

In other news – two airliners, which collided and landed in the ocean off The Philippines had 87 survivors out of a total of 89. The first plane, a Northwest Airlines DC-7 on its way from Tokyo and Okinawa had the only casualties. The other plane, a Philippine Airlines DC-3 came down in shallow water and all 31 aboard were safe.

At the UN Security council – Tunisian introduced a resolution, asking the Belgians to pull their troops out of the Congo and to authorize the UN to send in an Expeditionary Force. This followed a series of delaying tactics by the Soviet Union, including an attempt to brand Belgium as an aggressor. The U.S. offered its backing to the Tunisian resolution.

And while the Democrats were getting their convention rolling in L.A., that’s a little of what went on, this July 12, 1960 as reported by NBC Radio News On The Hour.

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