Concorde - The Doomed flight

Concorde just seconds before tragedy.

Concorde Crashes – Camp David Disintegrates – Dick Cheney Joins The Race – July 25, 2000

Concorde - The Doomed flight
Concorde just seconds before tragedy.

– July 25, 2000 – CBS News – BBC/PRI: The World – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

July 25, 2000 – A tragic day for Concorde – the first-ever crash of the supersonic jet, taking off from Paris, killing all 109 aboard plus four on the ground when the plane came down on the town of Gonesse, a suburb of Paris just north of the airport. All the passengers and crew, and four employees of the Hotelissimo hotel, were killed in the incident. Most of the passengers were German tourists en route to New York for a cruise.[The cockpit crew consisted of pilot Captain Christian Marty, 54, First Officer Jean Marcot, 50, and Flight Engineer Gilles Jardinaud, 58.

It was all over at Camp David; the Peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians broke off and collapsed with no agreement between the two sides on substantive issues. Despite that, President Clinton found some reason for optimism, even though he conceded failure during remarks at the White House. Though clearly disappointed that an agreement was not reached, the President was not giving up hope that a deal might not yet be in the offing. The hope was that the two sides would have a “cooling off period” and meet up before the September deadline. Finger crossed.

And Dick Cheney was seen arriving at the Governors Mansion in Austin Texas, ahead of Governor George Bush’s announcement that he had chosen the former Defense Secretary and Senator to be his running mate on the Republican ticket in the upcoming November Presidential election. Insiders said there was no doubt Cheney was qualified to be the “heartbeat away” from the President. Some said the only read downside, and even at that, wasn’t considered much a downside, was that was not an exciting candidate.

Along with reports from Paris on the Concorde tragedy, that’s just a little of what happened this July 25, 2000 as reported by CBS Radio News and The World from BBC/PRI.

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