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The Finnish Radio Symphony With Anna-Maria Helsing – 75th Birthday Concert For Paavo Heininen – 2013 – Past Daily Mid-Week Concert

Anna-Maria Helsing – bright light on the horizon, appointed Chief Conductor for The BBC Concert Orchestra, starting in October.

Finnish Radio Symphony – Ann-Maria Helsing, Conductor – Music Of Paavo Heininen – 75th Birthday Concert – January 11, 2013 –

Over to Helsinki this week for a special concert featuring the Finnish Radio Symphony, conducted by Anna-Maria Helsing and featuring the music of Paavo Heininen on the occasion of his 75th birthday on January 13 of 2013.

Beginning the concert with a world premier, Heininen’s Kaukametsä, op77 (commisioned by Finnish Radio YLE) – and then a performance of Honneger’s Symphony Number 2 before returing to the music of Heininen – Black Lullaby, op 82 (also a premier) and Animal Heaven. There is an intermission interview with Paavo Heininen (from 45 minutes to approx the 1 hour point) – which is in Finnish. I purposely left it in because Heininen died in 2022 and hearing him discuss his work is significant, even if you don’t know the language (I’ve got my fingers crossed instant translation software can take a whack at this).

And news about conductor Anna-Maria Helsing via The BBC:

Officially starting in the role on October 1 2023, the appointment builds on Anna-Maria Helsing’s fruitful existing relationship with the orchestra which began in 2020 when she became Principal Guest Conductor. Anna-Maria will next conduct the orchestra on Monday 19 June at Alexandra Palace for This Classical Life: Live! with Jess Gillam.

As Chief Conductor, Anna-Maria joins a distinguished line of predecessors including Bramwell Tovey and Barry Wordsworth, who continues working with the orchestra as Conductor Laureate, as well as Keith Lockhart, previously Chief Guest Conductor. She will work closely with the orchestra’s Director, Bill Chandler.

Anna-Maria says: “I am thrilled and very excited to deepen my collaboration with the BBC Concert Orchestra as their new Chief Conductor. During our years together we have established a warm connection, which on my part makes working with this orchestra a true pleasure. In the years to come I would love to further expand the symphonic repertoire of the orchestra as well as presenting it to audiences outside of London. I have the greatest respect for this fine group of musicians and I look forward to us making a lot of fantastic music in the future.”

Bill Chandler, Director of BBC Concert Orchestra says: “This is such an exciting time for the BBC Concert Orchestra as we welcome Anna-Maria Helsing as Chief Conductor. Her already deep connection with the musicians and her superb music making will ensure that the next chapter of the Concert Orchestra’s future will be expertly led. Already the UK’s most versatile orchestra, Anna-Maria’s hope is to further expand the orchestra’s repertoire, and with her passion and her openness for connecting with new audiences in new ways, it promises to be a meaningful and dynamic musical relationship that will place the Concert Orchestra at the heart of the BBC’s vision to make exciting, relevant and impactful content.”

Anna-Maria’s most recent concert with the orchestra was at the Southbank Centre for an evening of music by Philip Glass, Arvo Pärt and Rautavaara exploring the theme of light, alongside violinist Mari Samuelson. Other highlights include Philip Glass’ sumptuous Violin Concerto No.1, also with Mari Samuelson, a concert with organist James McVinnie, and an evening of French and Finnish music with soprano Anu Komsi.

A lot going on with this concert – but all you have to do is relax, press Play and enjoy. Rather easy, wouldn’t you say?

Paavo Heininen – The most uncompromising Finnish composer of his generation’ .

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