Alamein - Battle For Egypt - a steady succession of give and take.

Battle For Egypt – A Thousand Bombers Over Hamburg – No Second Front . . .Yet – July 27, 1942

Alamein – Battle For Egypt – a steady succession of give and take.

July 27, 1942 – NBC News Of The World – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

July 27, 1942 – that day was a Monday and it signaled another week of war. News from Egypt told of the third straight night of little or not substantial action, save for skirmishes. All agreed it was a lull ahead of something big looming. Up to this point it was a steady case of give and take between the Allied Armies and Germany. In an area known as Alamein, it was a case of armies trading defensive and offensive positions. But London was convinced it was all in preparation of something and it was going to be soon.

Meanwhile, in the air – comparatively light action over the east coast of Britain with German bombers scoring hits on smaller targets. While the RAF was staging it’s second in what was going to be a series of thousand bomber raids over Germany. On this night the target was Hamburg, doing considerable damage while claiming 29 British bombers during the raid.

Opinion coming from the U.S. was the idea that the war might be won from the air, if the concept of 1,000 bomber raids continued. Many also felt it would bring the war to an end sooner. Britain pointed out that, even after 10 months of almost nightly raids by Germany, little was done to dampen either the spirit or the war machine and it would no doubt be the same in Germany. A second front would be coming, but the war would continue to be hard fought on the ground. War in the air was relatively new but there were some fundamentals about war that didn’t change, at least for 1942.

And along with reports from the Pacific and the Russian front, along with the developing story in Egypt, that’s what was going on, this Monday July 27, 1942 as reported by NBC News Of The World.

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