Von Vella

Vona Vella - new kids on the block and we're glad.

Vona Vella In Session – 2023 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Von Vella
Vona Vella – new kids on the block and we’re glad.

Vona Vella – in session for John Kennedy – Radio X – August 5, 2023 – Radio X, London –

New voices on the horizon this week. Vona Vella are Izzy Davis and Dan Cunningham, two singer-songwriters who joined forces right around the time of COVID Lockdown and started writing. The end result was a pile of good songs that needed a place to go. Leery of making a splash via a full album and a little sky of going the ep route, they decided the best thing to do was issue singles; first to figure out if they were right in their assumptions they had something and second, it was easier to sell a single because you could issue several and it would keep your name front and center. As the restrictions of the lockdown started to ease, Davis and Cunningham, now known as Vona Vella started gigging and gathering a reputation. Thanks to the good fortune of hooking up with Ross Godfrey from the band Morcheeba, who heard their (then-unreleased) single ‘Sun’ and decided to remix it. Once released it proved an instant viral hit, racking up over 1 million streams.

Vona Vella released their debut EP ‘Go Outside Forever,’ in early 2022, which was given a global review by none other than Paul Heaton and in January of this year a remix of the title track from the EP, ’GoOutside Forever,’ was featured in the hugely successful NBA2K23 video game.

So things have been moving along for the duo (and/or band for live gigs) and Vona Vella are slated to start a UK tour sometime this early Autumn. Their debut ep was issued in June of this year and Intertwined was released as a single through the Strap Originals label on Wednesday 7th June ‘23. ‘Intertwined’ is the third song (following the release of ‘Divine’ and ‘Thought We Were Falling In Love,’) to be lifted from Vona Vella’s eponymously titled debut album, which was released on Friday 28th July.

So to get yourself introduced to Vona Vella or to jog your memory, here is a session they did for John Kennedy at Radio X this past weekend.

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