Majesty Palm

Majesty Palm - more new faces on the horizon.

Majesty Palm In Session – 2023 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Majesty Palm
Majesty Palm – more new faces on the horizon.

– Majesty Palm – In session – BBC Scotland Introducing – August 11, 2023 – BBC Radio –

More new faces this week. Majesty Palm, hailing from Glasgow, Scotland. They are a new wave-pop duo- consisting of Olivia McCosh (vocals) and Cameron Robertson (guitar), have just released their latest single, “Split”. This is their second release, following their debut single “Peace of Mind”. Majesty Palm might be new to the music scene, but their talents are remarkable.

Mixing electronic synths and catchy lyrics, “Split” is a pop single with a heavy influence of 80’s music.

Currently representing the music scene in Glasgow, Scotland, Majesty Palm have crafted together a rock-centric pop sound that features glimmers of synthesizers and a whole lot of attitude. Capitalizing off the success of their debut “Peace of Mind”, they’re certainly headed in the right direction with this wall of sound style that they’ve already mastered.

Taking elements from the 80’s and fusing them together with a slightly futuristic pop sound, Majesty Palm have definitely carved out a niche for themselves so far. It’s hard not to compare them to similar sounding bands that go synth heavy or focus heavily on production elements, however this is tasteful in a way that’s separating them from the pack.

As of this moment there doesn’t appear to be any live gigs on the horizon, but I would imagine that will change in the coming days with the release of their latest single, even if it is just a small tour around the UK.

But here they are, as they were recorded earlier today at BBC Scotland for the Introducing . . .series that has been exposing a lot of talent over the years.

Flick the Play Button and check them out:

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