Waiting for word

Waiting for word - Everyone wanted it over.

War In The Pacific: The Waiting – The Mixed Signals – August 10, 1945

Waiting for word
Waiting for word – Everyone wanted it over.

NBC News – Reports, bulletins, discussions – continuous – August 10, 1945 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

August 10, 1945 – a day for waiting. With conflicting reports, speculation, mixed signals and hanging on every news report from every source, America was holding its breath, along with Britain, France and Russia that the war would soon, officially be over.

On this day the Japanese government announced that a message had been sent to the Allies accepting the terms of the Potsdam Declaration provided that it “does not comprise any demand that prejudices the prerogatives of the Emperor as sovereign ruler.

Words from shortwave news broadcasts via Tokyo were quickly deciphered and interpreted. Reports that the Emperor accepted the terms but that the question now was whether the Emperor would retain his power or not was at issue. That was the sticking point. Over the following hours discussions over the condition were debated and public opinion ran the gamut. Many felt it was so close, let the Emperor retain power. Others objected strongly saying it was the Emperor who was the real power behind the war and that if he wasn’t removed, it would send a signal that the war was really not over and that the same powers who initiated the war were still able to start up again and that was not acceptable.

So while the waiting continued, communiqués between Tokyo, Stockholm, Bern and Moscow flew back and forth and all needed to be deciphered, weighed and interpreted before any further move was made. In the meantime, the war was still going on amid rumors.

News and radio played a big part in keeping everyone informed – most of the networks continued keeping lines open and interrupting any regular program for developments as they occurred. The following is a one hour + sample of what was going on over the air as the waiting continued.

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