Coup in Bangladesh

Coup in Bangladesh - much strife for a four-year old country.

A Coup In Bangladesh – Re-Opening The RFK Assassination – George Wallace Runs Again – August 15, 1975

Coup in Bangladesh
Coup in Bangladesh – much strife for a four-year old country.

– News – August 15, 1975 – CBS Radio Hourly Reports – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

A coup in Bangladesh this day. Much upheaval for a country only four years old. The coup d’état was a military coup launched by mid ranking army officers in Bangladesh on 15 August 1975. The officers were part of a conspiracy to assassinate Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the Founding Father of Bangladesh, who led the independence struggle during the Bangladesh Liberation War and later served as the first and fourth President and later in between his two presidential terms served as the second Prime Minister of Bangladesh from April 1971 until his assassination in August 1975. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and most of his family members were killed during the coup, with the exception of his two daughters Sheikh Hasina and Sheikh Rehana.

In other news – The presiding judge of the county court system ordered the reopening of the Robert F. Kennedy case Thursday to determine whether someone other than Sirhan B. Sirhan may have also fired a gun in ine 1305 assassination. Superior Court Judge Robert A. Wenke approved a suit calling for Sirhan’s pistol to be refired and the bullets compared to those removed from the senator’s body and five uwer persons wounded in the shooting.

And Gov. George Wallace of Alabama, who formed his own party to run for president in 1968. may opt for the third-party route again next year. Former Gov.Terry Sanford of North Carolina, a candidate for the 1978 Democratic presidential nomination, believes there is a chance” Wallace will run as an independent. By doing so. Wallace would be able to forego the exhausting primary election campaigns, which might impair his already precarious health.

And along with the Coup in Bangladesh, that’s a little of what went on, this August 15th in 1975 as reported by CBS News On The Hour.

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