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World At War – Asia And The New World Order – Charges Of Ostrichism – August 17, 1941

Japanese government - Japan at war.
As World War loomed, in Japan the business of government quietly galloped forward.

– News from NBC – August 17, 1941 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

News of the world, this August 17th in 1941 – despite the first five or so minutes missing from this broadcast, a final report from Reykjavik, Iceland gave some indication where things were heading in Europe. This bulk of this broadcast deals with Asia and news from the various capitals throughout the region indicate Japan was rapidly becoming a dominating force in Asia through a series of treaties and secret negotiations.

Elsewhere in the world, there was criticism from Hong Kong that America was actively engaged in “ostrichism”, pretending things were not rapidly deteriorating and that Japan was actively seeking a New World Order throughout Asia. Hong Kong was in the midst of preparation for what many felt was an eventuality; stocking up on essentials and storing them in locations relatively safe from an invasion force, if one came. Services and Civil Defense were mobilized throughout Hong Kong, prepared not to take any chances.

From Manila, the subject was rain, but it was the rainy season and The Philippines, along with French Indo-China and Thailand, the South Pacific was inundated and had been for the previous two weeks. Meanwhile, President Manuel Quezon celebrated his 63rd birthday and was nominated again to run for President in 1942 with his election in November to be a foregone conclusion. Although he would be elected to a full four year term, according to a recent constitutional amendment he would only be able to serve for two years. His running mate, vice-President Sergio Osmeña would become President in 1944.

And that’s a little of what was going on, August 17th 1941 as presented by NBC’s Sunday World News Roundup.

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