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“Nazi Germany Has Chosen To Make Herself The World’s Outlaw”: British Press Reaction To Brazil Continues – About “Asia Minor” – August 24, 1942

Brazil: The allies had a new ally and Britain was thrilled.

NBC News Of The World – August 24, 1942 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

The British press were still heaping praise on Brazil and the decision to declare war on the Axis. It was felt that, with Brazil’s Navy as an Ally, the South Atlantic would now be safe passage for supply ships and it signaled one more nail in the coffin for Nazi Germany. Newspaper accounts reported numerous attempts by Germany in recent months to set up a Fifth Column network in South America, with Chile and Argentina offering tacit approval. However, with Brazil entering the war on the side of the U.S. and Britain, success at setting up such a network would be greatly hampered.

Meanwhile, the region historically known as Asia Minor (Iraq, Iran, Syria and Palestine) was the focus of attention with many in London feeling the future of the war in that part of the world would entail Britain and Russia fighting side by side in that region. Since Persia (Iran) was considered a gateway supply line with the Persian Gulf a vital link, Britain was gathering a formidable attack force in Palestine which, combined with Russian forces could pose a major problem for Germany. However, if Germany broke through the Caucasus, it would pose a threat to the Iraqi and Persian Oil Fields. Much also depended on the situation in Egypt and the North African Coast which was an ongoing battle with Rommel’s forces. All key elements in an increasingly complex chess game.

Listeners to the radio in Britain heard the Vichy and Paris Radio announce the German Commander in France had transferred 10 million francs to the Prefect of the Department which contained Dieppe (site of the allied raid on the French Coast earlier), because “the French people obeyed orders and didn’t revolt”. Marshal Petain and LaValle were quoted as “expressing their heartfelt thanks” to the German general for the gesture. However, the irony was that the French were paying Germany millions of Francs daily while the Nazis systematically looted the entire country.

And that’s a small portion of the news going on, this August 24th in 1942 as presented by NBC’s News Of The World.

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