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Reagan, Carter And Anderson – Kicking Off Campaign Season – A Workers Strike In Poland – Labor Day 1980 – September 1, 1980

Candidate Reagan – Kicking off campaign ’80 with the best possible Photo Op.

CBS Radio – The World Tonight – September 1, 1980 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

Candidate Reagan and The Statue Of Liberty – kicking off Campaign ’80 with the best possible photo op, while Jimmy Carter went for the downhome and folksy by way of Labor Day Picnic and third party Candidate John Anderson chose a Labor Day Parade in Calumet City at his home state of Illinois.

Early polls were giving Regan 46% of the vote with Carter at 36% and Anderson 19%. Still, many days and many hours before November and minds could change in the meantime.

While America was swimming in a sea of barbecue and campaign rhetoric, the scene in Poland had a different ring to it. Workers were returning cautiously to their jobs this day with a sense of disbelief over their victory over the Communist government. The first new independent trade union meeting was held in Gdansk and thousands of workers showed up. Their first order of business was to appoint a Workers Committee to see that the government made good on its promises to the workers the day before. The government showed its good faith by releasing 28 dissidents who were arrested in police crackdowns during the strike. Release of the dissidents had been one of the strikers demands. Still continuing was the strike of coal miners in the region of Silesia. Although the government assured everyone there would be a quick settlement saying it was a question of whether the demands of the workers in Gdansk were the same as those of the Silesian miners.

And while the Reagan, Carter and Anderson campaigns were off and running, that’s a little of what else went on, this Labor Day, September 1, 1980 as presented by The World Tonight from CBS Radio.

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