Jimmy Buffet

Jimmy Buffet - Mayor Of Margaritaville.

Jimmy Buffet – In Session – 1974 – Past Daily Soundbooth – Tribute Edition – (Jimmy Buffet: 1946-2023)

Jimmy Buffet
Jimmy Buffet – Mayor of Margaritaville.

Jimmy Buffet And The Coral Reefer Band – Acoustic Session Live From The Record Plant, Sausalito – KSAN-FM San Francisco -October 24, 1974 –

We can add Jimmy Buffet to the ever-growing list of Musicians heading out the door of late. With his finger firmly on the button of escapism and the epitome of laid-back, the music of Jimmy Buffet became synonymous with a lifestyle perhaps more dreamed about than actually lived by most of us in the 1970s. Still, it was music that didn’t have a mean bone in its body and celebrated the virtues of just having a good time and not hurting anybody.

This past day social media has been overflowing tributes and personal anecdotes of Jimmy Buffet – he touched a lot of people and all of them remember him fondly. He was that kind of guy.

And in addition to an almost endless string of memorable tunes from some 27 albums over the decades, he was wildly successful in Marketing, publishing books, producing a successful Broadway musical, not to mention a legion of fans known as Parrotheads and a cottage industry based on all things Jimmy Buffet – all things Margaritaville.

This session, part of a west coast tour coinciding with the release of Living and Dying in 3/4 Time epitomizes the party atmosphere and raucous good vibes he seemed to bring with him everywhere. It epitomizes the early shows; the numerous appearances at The Troubadour in Los Angeles and how much of a staple in the diet of FM he became during that time. It would only grow over the years. But somewhere along the line the party has to end.

And on September First it did. A simple obituary saying he died peacefully with family, friends, music and his dogs. Like him, nothing pretentious or over the top

And he leaves a rich legacy which will be with us for a very-very long time.

Hit the Play button and enjoy.

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