Pale Blue Eyes.

Pale Blue Eyes - bands you have sneaking hunches over.

Pale Blue Eyes – In Session At Radio X – 2023 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Pale Blue Eyes.
Pale Blue Eyes – bands you have sneaking hunches over.

– Pale Blue Eyes – In Session At Radio X – John Kennedy’s X-Posure – September 2, 2023 – Radio X, London –

If Pale Blue Eyes In Session looks familiar, it’s because I ran a Pale Blue Eyes session with Marc Riley at BBC 6 Music back in May of this year.

One of the good things about having two major Radio outlets running sessions for up-and-coming bands is that you get a veritable feast of new talent coming before the microphones every week. John Kennedy on the weekends at Radio X, which is a commercial station. And the other via the crew at BBC 6 Music, doing their level best to follow in the footsteps of John Peel, who probably did more to expose audiences to new talent than anyone before him.

The artists get to hawk their wares and the audiences sharpen up their credit cards for a full-on assault at Bandcamp. It’s a win-win situation and one that speaks volumes about the current state of the music business. Despite proclamations of the Music Industry’s death-knell for the last few decades, artists have been carefully avoiding going with the major labels and instead throwing their lot in with any one of a growing tsunami of independent labels, putting the spirit of art serving art before the music buying public. I would say its’s healthy.

And bands like Pale Blue Eyes are certainly the beneficiaries of this strike toward artistic integrity. And because of that, I predict good things for them. Just a hunch, but they come with a spirit that is infectious and, if these off-the-cuff sessions are any indication, their studio recordings are much anticipated as is evidenced by the fact that their album This House, came out on September 1st and the limited editions are already sold out.

If you’re getting your feet wet with the DIY ethic of new music, check Pale Blue Eyes out and do what you can to support them.

Hit play and sit back.

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