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The Mystery Of Swissair Flight 111 – Confession To An Affair – Clinton Wraps Up A Trip To Ireland – September 5, 1998

Swissair Flight 111 – relatives and loved ones: Solitude and grief.

CBS Radio News + President Clinton Saturday Address – September 5, 1998 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

A holiday weekend in America for most – a weekend of waiting and grief for others. The mystery of Swissair Flight 111 continued as the search for the crucial Black Box was still underway. Families and loved ones were gathering around Rocky Point in Nova Scotia, scene where the Swissair flight went down in the nearby ocean. Still no answers as to why the airliner crashed into the sea, killing all on board – no closure for those gazing out to the ocean. The recovery operation had been in place since Wednesday, the day of the crash. For those filled with loss and grief, it was now about waiting.

Meanwhile, Rep. Dan Burton apologized to constituents yesterday for any embarrassment caused by his revelation of fathering a boy during an extramarital relationship in the early 1980s. Burton did not disclose the names of the child he fathered or the boy’s mother. The relationship occurred when he served in the Indiana Senate. Burton had never officially acknowledged the child as his son, but said that his wife of 38 years, Barbara, was aware of the situation and that he has been paying child support. Burton, widely known as one of Clinton’s most outspoken critics he openly questioned the president’s character, calling him a “scumbag” and saying “that’s why I’m after him” has won praise from constituents, anger from critics and the attention of the nation. But that spotlight also revealed his out-of-wedlock child, a secret closely guarded by this born-again Christian who attended a Bible college.

And President Clinton concluded a fruitful three-day swing through both parts of Ireland, he told more than 20,000 people crowding Limerick’s central crossroads that the Northern Ireland agreement should provide inspiration around the world..

And aside from the ongoing story of Swissair Flight 111, that’s a small slice of what went on, this September 6, 1998 from CBS Radio, including President Clinton’s weekly Saturday Address.

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