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Do Nothing – In Session – 2023 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Do Nothing – jerky, spidery and stream-of-consciousness: Music for Meditation.

Do Nothing – in Session for John Kennedy – X-Posure – Radio X – July 21, 2023 – Radio X, London –

Do Nothing, in session for John Kennedy and X-Posure on Radio X from July 21, 2023.

Do Nothing evolved from a group called Field Studies, who formed in Nottingham in 2012. Field Studies released a pair of EPs before they reshaped their sound and adopted their new moniker in October 2016. Featuring vocalist Chris Bailey, guitarist Kasper Sandstrøm, bassist Charlie Howarth, and drummer Andy Harrison, Do Nothing brought out their debut digital single, “Handshakes,” on February 11, 2018, with the second, “Waitress,” following 12 days later. By 2019, the group was touring regularly and was getting written up in major U.K. music journals such as NME. A third single, “Gangs,” was issued in January 2020, and the five-song EP Zero Dollar Bill, featuring the tracks “Lebron James” and “Comedy Gold,” appeared in April 2020; it was released by the group’s own Exact Truth label, with distribution from the Orchard.

With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing the band off the road and preventing them from rehearsing together in 2020, Bailey found himself struggling with writer’s block and fears that the band’s unexpected hiatus could lead to their breakup. In time, Bailey’s creative struggles and battles with self-doubt began to inform his work, and songs about a rich variety of human failings and the struggle to persevere flowed from his pen. The first flowering of his new batch of material appeared on the 2021 EP Glueland, and their first album, Snake Sideways, was released in June 2023, followed by an extensive tour of the United Kingdom and Europe.

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