Sen. Bob Packwood - Disgruntled Deer in the headlights

Sen. Bob Packwood (R-Oregon) - A tale of peccadilloes.

Sen. Bob Packwood: “I Am Accused Of Kissing Women” – Fuhrman And The N-Word – Cal Ripkin And The History Books – September 7, 1995

Sen. Bob Packwood - Disgruntled Deer in the headlights
Sen. Bob Packwood (R-Oregon) – A tale of peccadilloes.

– September 7, 1995 – CBS World News Roundup – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

September 7, 1995 – Busy day. On Capitol Hill, a movement was afoot to expel Oregon Senator Bob Packwood over a long history of sexual misconduct – abuse, harassment and assault of constituents and campaign workers eventually led the Senate Ethics Committee to recommend a vote on expulsion for his actions. It would be the first time since 1862 that a vote for expulsion occurred. As late as this day, Packwood vowed he would not resign, citing the actions of the Ethics Committee were unjust and outrageous and saying the only thing he was accused of was “kissing women . . on occasion perhaps over-eagerly kissing women . .and that is the charge; not drugging, not robbing . . . kissing”. Accusers had a different story to tell.

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles – rogue detective Mark Fuhrman took the 5th in the OJ Simpson trial after tape recordings surfaced proving that Fuhrman had used the n-word during the previous ten years. The Simpson defense team led by Johnnie Cochran jumped on the findings, citing proof that the LAPD had been covering up evidence and that Fuhrman had motive and opportunity to frame Simpson. Defense was getting ready to give closing arguments to its case, leaving Prosecution to clean up the mess these revelations left behind.

And history of another kind was made this day – Baltimore Orioles Short-stop Cal Ripkin Jr.broke the record long said never to be broken by Lou Gehrig, playing some 2,131 consecutive games and receiving a 22-minute standing ovation by the 50,000 atendees at one of the most watched games in ESPN’s history up to that point.

And that’s a small chunk of news that happened this day – in addition to riots in Tahiti over resumed French Atomic testing, the conflict in Bosnia continuing and some 5,000 striking Ryders Truck drivers, crippling car deliveries around the country – it was just another day, as presented by The CBS World News Roundup for Thursday, September 7, 1995.

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