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WTO Talks Drag On – Colin Powell Rejects A Request – Apple Vs. Apple – September 13, 2003

WTO Protests
WTO Protests: Stalemate Over The Poorest.

BBC Radio 4 – The Today Programme – News – September 13, 2003 – BBC Radio –

Twenty years ago today; September 13, 2003, a day that bears a strong resemblance to the world 20 years later, but a world where the players are different and the circumstances more complicated.

From Cancun comes a report that debate and talks headed long into the night but no agreement had been reached over what the World Trade Organization (WTO) was going to do about those poorest member countries and farm subsidies. Squabbles erupted and the talks were what observers called “on a knife edge” because of what many claimed was posturing between the richer and poorer nations over the issue of access to global markets. The talks were scheduled to close within 48 hours and not even details of a draft declaration had been arrived at. It also didn’t help that mass demonstrations were slated to take place just about the venue where the WTO talks being held.

Meanwhile, at the United Nations – Secretary of State Colin Powell rejected a proposal from France for the U.S. to transfer power in Iraq to a provisional government as early as October. Powell dismissed as “totally unrealistic” proposals from his French counterpart and critic, Dominique de Villepin, suggested an establishment of a provisional Iraqi government in a month. A draft Constitution by the end of 2003 and elections by Spring 2004. Powell remarked that it would “be delightful to do that, but it wasn’t possible”. What the U.S. wanted was more cooperation between them and the Iraqi governing council as well as an International peacekeeping force to take over. Neither, at the moment, seemed possible.

And Apple Computers and Apple Corps Ltd were back in court. Seems Apple (the record company) and Apple (the computer company) were in the midst of a dispute over the use of their name. The Record Company said the Computer Company had broken an agreement between them by marketing software to download music from the Internet via their newly launched iTunes which allowed users to download music files legally via the Internet. They had negotiated the rights to about 200,000 songs which Apple Records wasn’t happy about and they claimed it was in violation of their 12 year old agreement.

And while Mexican police were getting ready to deal with WTO Protesters in Cancun, that’s a small slice of what went on in the world this September 13, 2003 as broadcast by BBC Radio 4.

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