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Laurent Coulondre Octet – Live At Montpellier – 2023 – Past Daily Downbeat

Laurent Coulondre – Things are looking up. (Photo: Jean-Baptise Millot)

Laurent Coulondre Octet – live at Nouveau Festival Radio France – Montpellier, France – July 27, 2023 – Radio France

Laurent Coulondre Octet, live at the Nouveau Festival of Radio France in Montpellier, recorded live on July 27 of this year.

I’ve been remiss, not including more new voices, more current points of view in the ever-evolving tapestry of Jazz. Apologies to those who have felt slighted – you’re vital – you’re important and you are needed.

Case in point, Laurent Coulondre is a name rather new to me but has been around at least since 2016, when he won the prestigious Victoire du Jazz award and in 2020 won “French Record of the Year” from the Académie du Jazz for Michel on My Mind as well as Jazz Magazine naming him “French Musician of the Year” and featured him on their February 2020 cover.

Lot of ground covered in a short period of time, but Laurent Coulondre is an artist with a lot to say and a lot to add to the conversation. In this festival broadcast, he’s joined by his Octet featuring Alexis Bourgignon on trumpet, Cyril Galmini on trombone, Lucas Saint Cricq on Baritone, Alto saxes and flute – Christelle Raquillet vocals as well as percussion and flute – Léo Chazallet on bass with Adriano Dos Santos Tenorio and Inor Sotolongo on percussion.

It’s tight and packed with spirit and it’s further evidence Jazz is far from dead – in fact, it’s getting its second wind and I think we’re in for some powerful and refreshing statements to be made; worldwide, and we’re right in the middle of it.

See Jazz live when you can – support the artists coming into prominence and give an ear to the ones making the climb. There’s a lot going on – don’t miss it. And check out Laurent Coulondre’s site and pick up some discs.

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