It’s September 21st, 1970 – You Live In L.A. – You’re Back In School – Your Leader Is BMR.

Photobomb - 1970
. . .Back to school and your life is one big photobomb.

KMET – B. Mitchel Reed – September 21, 1970 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

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Here you are – it’s September again. Back to school. Summer was interesting; Demonstrations, teargas and music. Even when you took off and hitched up to Yosemite, they had a riot up there; Rangers on horseback and teargas. Can’t get around it – there’s a lot going on. But you did have fun this Summer – there was the beach – and even though they changed Station 8 to Station 2 and you don’t take the Number 7 Santa Monica bus since you got your drivers license and saved like a maniac to get your first car; the 1963 blotchy white Corvair that drinks oil to the tune of a quart every day or so and is rusting underneath, but still a bargain at $100. You have wheels – you also have an FM radio and an 8-track; two necessities if you are going to survive traffic in L.A. – tunes are the thing that keeps you from going nuts. And since you’ve discovered FM radio, your life has changed. BMR is on FM now – you remembered when he was on KFWB. But KFWB turned into a news station and you never listen anymore; the news is all lousy anyway. But you have KMET now and BMR and Better Music Radio. And even though there’s a rip in the passenger side speaker, you still blast Quicksilver every chance you get. You still live at home but you’re working on getting a place as soon as you land a job – you heard you could get a gig at the School library, but you also heard Jack-In-The-Box was hiring. Free food or free books – the choices.

Aside from the rest of the world, your world is pretty good – you have tunes, you have wheels, you have choices – the 70s may actually be okay.

And to go along with that – on this September 21, 1970 – an hour’s worth of B. Mitchel Reed as he wafted over the airwaves at 4-5:00 pm.

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