It’s November 1978 – You Live In L.A. – You’re A Teenager – You Have This Family . . . .

Your little family – thick as thieves – finished each others sentences – dated each other – lost touch.

– KROQ – Frazer Smith – November 24, 1978 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

Yep, there you were. Your little family – grew up in the same neighborhood – grade school – junior High – High School – even your parents were friends. Born within weeks of each other – even dated each other – all lived within two blocks of each other.

Thick as thieves – your crew. All hung out at the Village – all went to movies – finished each others sentences – had plans – you were going to pool your money and buy a big house – all live happy ever after.

And then you graduated – and you got accepted to different colleges – and a couple of your parents got divorced – one of your parents got sick – and your neighborhood changed – Condos were creeping in. One by one; bulldozed – replaced by Luxury Living signs and people who didn’t remember.

And life got busy – you got jobs – you got careers – you weren’t dating each other anymore, hadn’t done that since seventh grade. New dates – new faces – different promises.

You got together every year for holidays – promised you were going to get that house. You laughed – Never happened. It was a good idea at the time but gradually you got different ideas; about life, about people, about politics.

And the holidays and reminders start to go by unnoticed – you all have different lives now – you remember less and less – it’s down to phone calls and black suits and old photos – the neighborhood that disappeared one night – the orphans that spring up in their place.

Forty-five year reunion. Frazer Smith on the PA system – KROQ from 1978. Sea of unfamiliar faces – no little family in sight – all scattered like jet streams – voicemails now – emails sometimes.

Nick Lowe singing “So it goes” has a whole different meaning now.

But you smile anyway.

Here’s KROQ and Frazer Smith from November 24, 1978 – as it happened.

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