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Curiosity is timeless
"Ignorance of your culture is considered uncool"

After years of collecting recorded history, a lifetime spent dumpster diving for all those milestones of the past no one really wanted to hang on to, I decided it was time to share those discoveries with people who probably never heard them before. It’s history and, as much as it has to do with the past, it has some link with the present and probably some harbinger of what the future may or may not be about.

This started off as a hobby, like collecting stamps or recipes. And then it became a quest to find out how things changed, and in changing, how much they’ve remained the same.

Past Daily isn’t all about the dim-distant past. Although, to be dead-honest, anything that happened thirty seconds ago is considered past history. So the playing field is pretty wide. Past Daily hopes to be a place you find out about things you wondered about, were curious about, read about.

This is my collection – my archive. Sounds of history and people and culture going back to the 1890’s right up to today – it’s all in the mix. Some of it is great and fun and an adventure to listen to. Some of it is depressing and anger-provoking. But it’s all part of life and our world and much of what has made us who we are today. A lot of it will be unfamiliar to you, or people places and events you’ve heard about, but never actually heard.

Hopefully you will stick around and check in every day and keep coming back.

History doesn’t stop and neither does the desire to learn about it.


Gordon Skene – Past Daily/The Gordon Skene Sound Collection

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