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Lightning Seeds In Concert – 1998 – Past Daily Soundbooth: Festival Edition

Lightning Seeds – Glastonbury 1998 – BBC Radio 1 – In lieu of no Glastonbury this year (remember – it happens every other year), a few reminders of what is one of the best festivals in the world for many decades running. Tonight, it’s Lightning Seeds, recorded during their appearance...

China Dissidents - May 1990 0

May 24, 1990 – People Versus Commerce – Election Fever In Moscow

May 24, 1990 – CBS World News Roundup – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – May 24, 1990 – News of the “Bigger Picture” kind. Today, President Bush announced renewal of China‘s Most Favored Nations trade benefits for an eleventh year, despite continued reprisals and executions of Tiananmen Square protestors from...