The Smiths (photo: Mirrorpix) - 1983 0

The Smiths – Live At The Hacienda, Manchester – 1983 – Past Daily Soundbooth

The Smiths – Live At The Hacienda, Manchester – July 8, 1983 – Flip Martian Collection – Live and Loud!- Another gem from this extraordinary website (Liveandloudshows.com) and an important show from a pivotal period of time. Historic stuff, all the way around. The Smiths – in 1983 they were...

Slobodan Milosevic 0

May 27, 1999 – The Indictment Of Milosevic – The Launching Of Discovery – “I Could Hear A Loud Pop”.

A little goes a long way – seriously: Become a Patron! May 27, 1999 – The world court handed down indictments against Yugoslav President Slobadan Milosevic and several others for their role in the civil war, raging in the Balkan region. The indictment, which was confirmed by a trial chamber...

French Foreign Legion - Kolwezi - `978 0

May 25, 1978 – The Price Of Beef – The Sale Of Cars – The Wages Of Conflict.

Chip in if you can: Become a Patron! May 25, 1978 – The economy was playing a big role in the mood of the U.S. this day – the price of Beef was getting ready to soar even higher than it was on this day in 1978. The reason for...