Dean Rusk Talks About Vietnam, Moscow And Foreign Policy In 1962 – Past Daily Reference Room

Click to Play: Issues and Answers – Dean Rusk – July 8, 1962 In 1962 Vietnam was hardly on the map as far as our Next Big Excursion was concerned. It was still largely a matter between the South Vietnamese and “rebel forces”, and we were assured the South Vietnamese...


Y-Day At The Bowl – 1963. The Beach Boys, Surfaris, The Routers, The Challengers – Past Daily Pop Chronicles.

Or click on the Link – Part 1: Y-Day At The Hollywood Bowl – 1 Or click on the Link – Part 2: Y-Day At The Hollywood Bowl – 2 A few years ago I ran a portion of this concert, via my now-defunct Newstalgia site. It featured headliners The...


Learning A New Word: Entebee – July 6, 1976

A very busy news day, this July 6, 1976. Starting with news of the daring Israeli raid on Entebbe Airport in Uganda overnight, where Palestinian terrorists were holding 100 Israelis, bound for Paris, in a hostage exchange demand. All hostages arrived at Tel-Aviv safe and Ugandan dictator Idi Amin was...


Walter Reuther Vs. The AMA – Debating Health Care in 1961

As part of an ongoing reminder that the Affordable Health Care debate has been with us for decades, here is a debate that took place in 1961, between former UAW President Walter Reuther and American Medical Association representative Dr. Edward R. Annis. The debate centered around the Kerr-Mills Bill to...


July 3, 1945 – Walking Through The Ghost City

While the war in the Pacific continued, news of the Allies marking an official entry into Berlin provided a reminder that all would be over soon. News on this July 3rd in 1945 was highlighted by an extended report of American, British, French and Russian troops marching into the former...


LBJ Signs The Civil Rights Act Of 1964 – July 2, 1964

And lest we all forget – this day, forty-eight years ago, was a significant turn in American history when President Johnson signed into law the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Hard fought and bitterly opposed by Southern Democrats, it was the one piece of legislation JFK had hoped would be...