Ted Kennedy Talks About Affordable Healthcare – 1974 – Past Daily Reference Room

Click on the link here for Audio Player: Sen. Ted Kennedy on National Health Care The debate over affordable Health Care has been groaning on for decades, it makes for great soundbites, and sometimes it gets votes. But the seemingly endless haggle over a National Health Plan never quite went...


Walter Reuther Vs. The AMA – Debating Health Care in 1961

As part of an ongoing reminder that the Affordable Health Care debate has been with us for decades, here is a debate that took place in 1961, between former UAW President Walter Reuther and American Medical Association representative Dr. Edward R. Annis. The debate centered around the Kerr-Mills Bill to...


Getting Sick In The Sixties – Healthcare In America – 1968

Since the subject of Healthcare has been front-and-center in the media and most conversation the past few days, it’s sobering to know it’s not a new argument. In fact, the subject of affordable healthcare has been argued since as far back as 1909. So in the 1960’s, even with Medicare,...