“Older Workers Are More Loyal, Less Absent” – December 10, 1947

Click on the link here for Audio Player: News for December 10, 1947 On this day in 1947 it was revealed in a study of businesses that yes, older workers were more reliable than their younger counterparts. Loyalty and sick days were a big factor. If we knew then what...


On The Third Anniversary, An Earthquake – December 7, 1944

Click on the link here for Audio Player: News for Dec. 7, 1944 On this day in 1944 it was the third anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, the event that got the U.S. involved in World War 2. So on December 7, 1944 war was raging on all...


America: The Vision And The Violence – 1969 – Past Daily Reference Room

Click on the Link: Second Sunday – America: The Vision and The Violence – 1969 With the news beginning this morning, and the updated reports concerning the shootings at a movie theater in Aurora Colorado throughout the day, I’m reminded of how all-too-familiar this seems. How it has repeated over...