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May 10, 1981 – France Has A New President – Florida Has A New Sinkhole

May 10, 1981 – CBS News On The Hour – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – May 10, 1981 – Big news from France this day. As polls closed and results were being tallied, Socialist candidate for President Francois Mitterrand was emerging the winner. Elected with Communist support, Mitterrand would be...

News From Times Square - march 1942 0

March 26, 1942 – The Imperative Of A Second Front

March 26, 1942 – News Of The World – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – March 26, 1942 – News from all the fighting fronts throughout the world this day. More calls for opening a second front – this time from Russia, as Soviet troops launched a counteroffensive, pushing German troops...

Adlai Stevenson - Addresses Florida DNC - March 6, 1954 0

March 6, 1954 – Adlai Stevenson: “We Are Witnessing The Bitter Harvest From The Seeds Of Slander, Defamation And Disunion, Planted In The Soil Of Our Democracy”

Adlai Stevenson – Address To Florida Democratic National Committee Dinner – March 6, 1954 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – It seems ironic in some ways and prophetic in others to listen to this address from Former Illinois Governor and two-time Presidential Candidate Adlai Stevenson, on this day in 1954....

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September 29, 1973 – Agnew: “I Will Not Resign If Indicted, I Will NOT Resign!”

September 29, 1973 – CBS Radio: The Washington Week – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – September 29, 1973 – Not enough we had Nixon and Watergate to weather through, we now had a scandal involving vice-President Spiro Agnew, which was not going to go away anytime soon. Seems the issue...