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Student riots - 1990 0

May 9, 1990 – Rampaging Through Seoul – A Military Parade In Moscow

May 9, 1990 – CBS World News Roundup – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – May 9, 1990. Much as there was celebration and a massive military parade in Moscow, celebrating Russia’s defeat of Nazism on this day in 1945, there were riots in the streets of Seoul South Korea. One...

VE Day - May 7, 1945 0

May 7, 1945 – VE Day And Mixed Signals

May 7, 1945 – NBC Radio Continuous coverage – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Even though the war in Europe had ended, and witnesses saw the signing of the surrender documents, the official word on the actual surrender, word from Allied Headquarters wasn’t quite coming. News had broken earlier by...

Adlai Stevenson - 1953 1

Adlai Stevenson Assesses The Future Of The Democratic Party – 1953 – Past Daily Reference Room

Adlai Stevenson – assessing the 1952 elections and looking to the future – February 14, 1953 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Unless you’re a history buff, or are old enough to remember either the 1952 or 1956 Presidential election, or his famous showdown with Russia’s Ambassador Zorin at the United...