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British Troops in Asmara 0

April 5, 1941 – War In Europe: Good News From Cairo – Bad News From Yugoslavia

April 5, 1941 – NBC News Of The World -Special Report on Yugoslavia – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – April 5, 1941 – News of the war in Europe was making the headlines – with both good news and ominous news in equal measure. In a dispatch from Cairo which...

Democracy And The Constitution in 1936 0

March 31, 1936 – Democracy And The Constitution In An Era Of Unrest – Past Daily Reference Room

William Hard: Essay on the Constitution – You And Your Government radio series – March 31, 1936 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Democracy and the Constitution – periodically, during our nation’s history, the very basis of our democracy and the principles of the Constitution have come under fire and...