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Nick Lowe's Cowboy Ouitfit 4

Nick Lowe’s Cowboy Outfit – In Concert – 1984 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Nick Lowe’s Cowboy Outfit – Live at The Paris Theatre, London – 1984 – BBC Radio 1 In Concert – Nick Lowe and his somewhat short-lived Cowboy Outfit was together only a few months before heading off in another direction. That was the thing about Nick Lowe; he was always...

Hugh Masekela 0

Hugh Masekela – Live At The Hollywood Bowl 1968 – Past Daily Tribute (Hugh Masekela: April 4, 1939 – January 23, 2018)

Hugh Masekela – Live at The Hollywood Bowl – August 14, 1968 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Only a month into this new year and already we’ve had sad and terrible losses in the Music World. The latest is Hugh Masekela, and artist whose innovative style and uncompromising message...

Challenger - Walk in Space - April 7, 1983 0

April 7, 1983 – A Walk In Space

  April 7, 1983 -CBS Radio News + Shuttle Challenger Special Reports – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – April 7, 1983 – A day for the NASA history books. The Shuttle Challenger staged the first walk in space made by an American team in over a decade happened on this...

Børns 0

Børns – Live At Bråvalla Festival 2016 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Børns, opening the Bråvalla Festival, from June 30th of this year and recorded by Sveriges Radio. Clearly, Festival season was busy and packed with talent this year. So much so, that I’m still sifting through festival recordings months after Summer Festival season is over and making discoveries of must-run concerts...