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Teenage Anxiety 1979 0

You’re A Teenager – You Live In L.A. – It’s September 26, 1979 – Your Boyfriend Has Just Entered You In Rick Dees’ First Televised Wet T-Shirt Contest. You Are Not Amused.

Become a Patron! For all the talk about the 70s fashion, Punks and Shag Haircuts, the 70s were also a decade of strange new customs. Hot on the heels of Disco came other odd rituals; Wet t-shirt contests and Mud Wrestling. Somehow in keeping with the “do anything – anytime”...

The Passage 2

The Passage – Live At The Ritz, Manchester – 1982 – Past Daily Soundbooth

The Passage – In Concert at The Ritz, Manchester – John Peel – October 11, 1982 -BBC Radio 1 – The Passage, in concert tonight. A Post-Punk/Experimental band from Manchester with considerable potential, but never realized with mainstream audiences. Together for only five years – from 1978 – 1983, they...

Pulp 0

Pulp – In Session 1981 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Pulp – in session for John Peel – November 7, 1981 – broadcast November 18, 1981 – BBC Radio 1 – One of the primary, if not reluctantly labeled bands of what became known as the Brit-Pop Movement, Pulp were hugely influential, primarily in the early to mid-1990s. This session,...

The Stokes 0

The Strokes – In session 2001 – Past Daily Soundbooth

The Strokes – In Session for John Peel – June 27, 2001 – BBC Radio 1 – New York Indie/Garage-Rock revivalists The Strokes to kick off Thanksgiving Week. Their first, and only session for John Peel, recorded on June 8, 2001 and broadcast on June 27th. A critically acclaimed band...