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You love Elvis. 1

You Live In Brooklyn – It’s February 11, 1956 – You’re A Teenager – You Love Elvis – Not Everybody Does.

WCBS – New York – The Bill Randall Show – February 11, 1956 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Picture this: Rock n’ Roll is still on the fringes – it hasn’t taken the country by storm; not yet. However, you’ve been hearing about this guy named Elvis Presley. You...


Veterans Day/Remembrance Day – The War To End All Wars 1914-1918 – Past Daily Reference Room

The Voices Of World War 1 – 1914-1918 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection Originally known as Armistice Day, and in England it’s still known as Remembrance Day, Veteran’s Day (as it’s now known here) came about as the result of the end of World War 1, The War To End...


The Lost Billie Holiday Interview – 1956

Become a Patron! Something rare, unique and never thought to have existed this weekend – an unaired interview from 1956 with Billie Holiday. As is the case with so many legendary performers, so much of what was said, written or done has been covered to the point where there is...