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Hollywood Ten - Film and TV Censorship

Blacklists, Censorship And The State Of Writing For Films And TV – Sy Gomberg – 1975 – Past Daily Pop Chronicles

Although he wasn’t directly part of the Red Scare during the McCarthy era, writer Sy Gomberg was a well-respected, Oscar-nominated screenwriter and Professor who was only too aware of that particularly dark period of our culture. As careers were destroyed and livelihoods were reduced to poverty, the infamous reign of...

Student Activism 1969

Student Activism 1969 – Past Daily Reference Room

Student Activism – Tension In Modern Living – July 2, 1969 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Student Activism. It was everywhere; on every College and high school campus. The protests were mostly about the War in Vietnam, but they ultimately ran the gamut – from free speech to Civil...