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Richard Queen Release 0

July 12, 1980 – A Hostage Freed, A Convention Looms, A Hijacking Thwarted

July 12, 1980 – CBS World News Roundup – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – July 12, 1980 – Another busy news day, starting with the arrival home of former U.S. Embassy hostage Richard Queen, who was held along with 52 others from the Embassy takeover in Tehran. Queen was released...

Raffi Petrossian 2

Raffi Petrossian Plays The Music Of Pierre Max-Dubois – 1965 – Past Daily Weekend Gramophone

Pierre Max-Dubois – Piano Concerto No. 3 – Raffi Petrossian – ORTF Chamber Orch. Pol Mule, Cond. – 1965 – Pierre Max-Dubois is a name which probably doesn’t ring any bells with a lot people. A student of Darius Milhaud, Max-Dubois adhered to the concept of Les Six (which Milhaud...

Earl Browder - Communist Party of America 0

October 10, 1940 – The Communist Party Of America

  October 10, 1940 – Campaign talk by Earl Browder – American Communist Party Candidate for President – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Yes, America had an active Communist Party in the 1940 election – there was a Presidential candidate as well as numerous State and local candidates running for...