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Missing Persons 0

Missing Persons – Live At My Father’s Place 1981 – Past Daily Soundbooth

A couple more patrons and we’ll be set: Become a Patron! Missing Persons in concert tonight. Live from My Father’s Place in Rosslyn New York on September 30, 1981 and broadcast live over WLIR-FM. As Punk started calming down, the 80s were looking at an onslaught of another kind; New...

Nikolai Bulganin and Nehru - 1955

The Year Was 1955 – Past Daily’s Thousand Yard Stare At The Year

December 31, 1955 – The Year: 1955 – CBS Radio Network – Year-end wrapup of News Events – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Starting today, and going up until New Years Eve, we’ll be running Year-end Wrapups from years gone by; what we’re calling The Thousand Yard Stare; what the...

Red Scare

August 14, 1951 – President Truman: “Their Attacks Upon Our Liberties Go Almost Unchallenged” – Hate In America; 1950s

August 14, 1951 – Don Hollenbeck for Edward R. Murrow and The News – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – August 14, 1951 – 66 years ago we were in the middle of the Red Scare, but we were also in the middle of something more dark and sinister than the...