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March 3, 1941 – Signing Your Country’s Life Away – The Bulgaria Treaty.

Become a Patron! News for this day in 1941 was ominous but not unexpected. Bulgaria, reeling under the oppressive weight of the Nazi Government, relented and signed a Tripartite Treaty (i.e. surrender) to Germany, thus bringing one more country under the influence/domination of Berlin. Radio Berlin was reported to have...

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The Hague Residentie Orchestra Play Music Of Diepenbrock – 1950 – Past Daily Weekend Gramophone

Diepenbrock – Overture to Act 3 of Marsyas – Hague Residentie Orkest – Willem van Otterloo, Cond – Radio Nederland 1950 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Something a bit different this week – from the Radio Nederland series Netherlands Composers, issued by their Transcription department circa 1950 – a...

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Rafael Kubelik With Lucia Popp And The Chicago Symphony Play Music Of Mozart – 1980 – Past Daily Mid-Week Concert

Rafael Kubelik with Lucia Popp, Mira Zakai, Alexander Oliver, Malcolm King – Chicago Symphony Orch and Chorus – Nov. 8, 1980 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – The Legendary Rafael Kubelik, returning to The Chicago Symphony in 1980 with a concert of music by Mozart, featuring Soprano Lucia Popp, mezzo-Soprano...

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December 21, 1981 – Poland’s Military Goes After The Church – Arrests And Threats

December 21, 1981 – CBS Hourly News – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – December 21, 1981 – The odyssey of Poland continues. With government crackdowns and now threats of moving after the Roman Catholic Church as it imposed martial Law, a state of perpetual volatility spread throughout the country. Latest...