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If You Were A Teenager, And You Lived In L.A., January 9, 1959 Sounded Exactly Like This – Past Daily Pop Chronicles

As long as we’re in dire need of some distractions (or at least alternatives), here’s a trip back to Los Angeles on January 9, 1959, via KFWB and disc jockey Elliot Field. Not quite Top-40, KFWB’s slogan was “full color radio”. But what it was, was a wild stew of...

You love Elvis.

You Live In Brooklyn – It’s February 11, 1956 – You’re A Teenager – You Love Elvis – Not Everybody Does.

WCBS – New York – The Bill Randall Show – February 11, 1956 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Picture this: Rock n’ Roll is still on the fringes – it hasn’t taken the country by storm; not yet. However, you’ve been hearing about this guy named Elvis Presley. You...

Big Jay McNeely

Big Jay McNeely – Live At Birdland 1957 – Past Daily Soundbooth – Birthday Edition (Big Jay McNeely – April 29, 1927)

Big Jay McNeely – live at Birdland, Seattle Washington – 1957 – Big J Records 1989 – In case you missed it, or it slipped your mind, or you were distracted by the birthday of another celebrated Jazz giant, Duke Ellington (born on April 29, 1899), yesterday was also the...