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October 25, 1983 – “We’re From The Government, We’re Here To Help . . . .”- Invasion Of Grenada – Aftermath of Beirut Bombing

Become a Patron! This day, 30 years ago we were busily invading the tiny Caribbean island of Grenada in what has been described as “A lovely little war”. Considered a threat to stability in the region, the small island was at the center of a controversy involving Cuba, a lot...

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F. Scott Fitzgerald: A Biography In Sound – 1955 – Past Daily Weekend Gallimaufry

F. Scott Fitzgerald – Biography In Sound – June 28, 1955 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – F. Scott Fitzgerald – a name which conjures up images of The Jazz Age, the “Era of Wonderful Nonsense“, the “Lost Generation” that period between the Wars. F. Scott Fitzgerald became synonymous with...

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MC5 Live In Paris – 1972 – Past Daily Soundbooth

MC5 – Live in Paris – March 1972 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – MC5 to get to the middle of the week. Unfortunately, by the time of this appearance in Paris in what was a live session for Radio/TV, the band was heading into the final stretch. Bassist Michael...

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April 26, 2001 – A South Pole Rescue

April 26, 2001 – CBS World News Roundup: Late Edition – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – April 26, 2001 – a day for finger-crossing and nail-biting if you were with the Research team in the South Pole. One of their team, Dr. Ron Shemanski, fell ill with Pancreatitis and needed...

Civil Rights Legislation In 1949 – Past Daily Reference Room 0

Civil Rights Legislation In 1949 – Past Daily Reference Room

Harry Truman’s Civil Rights Legislation – Chicago University Roundtable – February 6, 1949 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Harry Truman’s Civil Rights legislation. It was the fulfillment of a promise Truman made while campaigning for election (re-election) in 1948. It succeeded in alienating the South. So much so, that...

Here Comes Hugo – September 21, 1989 0

Here Comes Hugo – September 21, 1989

– CBS World News Roundup – September 21, 1989 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Hurricane season – and no different for September 21st in 1989 as it has been in other years. For this September 21st, it was all about Hurricane Hugo and the wide swath the death and...