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Stock Market: 1979 - what a 48 point drop was cause for panic. 0

October 11, 1979 – Castro Comes – Wall Street Goes, And Capitol Hill Haggles Over Abortion Forever.

Become a Patron! October, it would seem, is not historically without its surprises. On this day in 1979 New York City was turned upside down over a United Nations visit from Cuba‘s Fidel Castro, his first since 1959. Air Traffic was disrupted, street traffic was disrupted, and all told the...

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President Roosevelt: Jackson Day Dinner – January 8, 1940 – Past Daily Reference Room

President Roosevelt – Andrew Jackson Day Dinner Address – January 8,1940 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – President Roosevelt addressing a packed audience at the annual Jackson Day Dinner, on January 8, 1940: President Roosevelt: “The relative importance of politics and Government is something not always easy to see when...

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December 15, 1980 – Turning Oil Into Gold – Turning Central Park Into Strawberry Fields

December 15, 1980 – CBS World News Roundup – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – December 15, 1980 – A day of war, strife, oil and remembrance. Starting with news of a meeting of OPEC countries, meeting in Bali and the discussion was raising the price of a barrel of Crude...

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December 12, 1980 – Transitions At The White House – Solidarity In Poland

December 12, 1980 – CBS Radio Hourly News – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – December 12, 1980 – A busy day on Capitol Hill, in Diplomatic circles, around the Gdansk Shipyards in Poland. News of the Reagan transition of the White House from Jimmy Carter – snags, ruffled feathers and...

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August 23, 1978 – Prospect Of A Postal Strike – FBI Bugs Chicago 7 Defense Attorneys

  August 23, 1978 – CBS Radio – The World Tonight – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – August 23, 1978 – A Postal Strike was threatening, and disruption of mail service loomed. The National letter Carriers Union rejected the contract agreement presented earlier. Other unions were considering following suit. Carriers...