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Four By Adrienne Pauly – 2006 – Past Daily Nights At The Roundtable: Rock Without Borders Edition

Adrienne Pauly – Four By Adrienne Pauly – 2006 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Ending out the weekend with a few tunes from one of my favorite artists; Adrienne Pauly. Adrienne Pauly is an artist/singer/writer/actor who disappeared shortly after her debut album came out in 2006. There was a...

You love Elvis. 1

You Live In Brooklyn – It’s February 11, 1956 – You’re A Teenager – You Love Elvis – Not Everybody Does.

WCBS – New York – The Bill Randall Show – February 11, 1956 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Picture this: Rock n’ Roll is still on the fringes – it hasn’t taken the country by storm; not yet. However, you’ve been hearing about this guy named Elvis Presley. You...

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Carlo Maria Giulini With Daniel Barenboim And The Chicago Symphony – 1977 Pension Fund Concert – Past Daily Mid-Week Concert

Carlo Maria Giulini, guest Conductor – Daniel Barenboim, Piano Chicago Symphony – Nov. 11, 1977 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Another historic concert entry for Anti-Road Rage Wednesday. This week it’s The Chicago Symphony guest conducted by Carlo Maria Giulini and featuring pianist Daniel Barenboim in an all Brahms...

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Stéphan Denève And The French National Orchestra In Music Of Milhaud, Connesson And Poulenc – Past Daily Mid-Week Concert

Part 1: Part 2: A concert this week featuring the highly regarded French conductor Stéphan Denève leading the French National Orchestra in a program of all French works. Do I spot a pattern here? I think so. Starting with the ever-popular La Création du Monde by Darius Milhaud. And then...