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‘ . . .And God Bless All Of You – All Of You On The Good Earth’ – Apollo 8 – December 24, 1968

Become a Patron! Coming to the end of a year of chaos and upheaval in 1968, a glimmer of hope came from a space capsule orbiting the moon on December 24, 1968. From outside the window of their ship, a view of the Earth peering over the horizon of the...


December 21, 1939 – Christmas In Wartime – Festive In Short Supply – The Last Of Merry For The Duration.

Despite news earlier in the week of the sinking of the German Battleship Admiral Graf Spee, Germany was celebrating Christmas, this week in 1939, with a shipment of some 1 million Christmas trees into Berlin. War news, it seemed, wasn’t going to deter anybody from celebrating. The trees were plentiful...

Hollywood Goes to the War Front 0

George Fisher’s Let’s Go Hollywood – Christmas With The Troops In 1952 – Past Daily Holiday Gallimaufry

What began during World War 2 as a holiday ritual, continued on for decades as members of the Hollywood contingent boarded planes and headed off to Army camps to spend Christmas with the troops. In 1952 it was Korea. And for 17 days, from Christmas to New Years, the USO...