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President Eisenhower Press Conference 0

April 12, 1954 – An Eisenhower Press Conference – Presidents Being Presidential

President Eisenhower’s Press Conference – May 12, 1954 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection- Contrary to what you may think now, Presidential News conferences were regular affairs – sometimes weekly, always at least monthly. No Press Secretary running flak – just the President and the Press. Although some press conferences were...

Elliot Richardson - Issues & Answers - 1970 0

May 1970 – Secretary Of State Elliot Richardson On Policy, Protest And Public Opinion – Weekend Reference Room

Secretary Of State Elliot Richardson On Issues & Answers – ABC News – May 12, 1970 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – With the tide of opposition to the Vietnam War and our escalation of the war into Cambodia, and with the deaths of four students earlier in the week...

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It’s June 1970 – You’re A Teenager – You Live In L.A. – You’re In Summer School – You’re A Genius

KMET – B. Mitchel Reed – June 25, 1970 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – June 1970 – Summer School has started. You heard that if you crammed as many classes between the end of June and August, you could graduate early. You like that idea. But Summer School is...

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January 10, 2000 – AOL-Time Warner: The Marriage From Hell

January 10, 2000 – CBS World News Roundup: Late Edition – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – January 10,2000 – Even though the continuing saga of Elian Gonzalez was still front-page news, the announcement of a merger between AOL and Time-Warner was the talk of the new decade and possibly the...

New York Teenager - 1968 0

It’s Election Night 1968 – You’re A Teenager – You Live In New York – You Worked For Bobby Kennedy – You Handed Out Flyers For Hubert Humphrey, But You Can’t Vote – You’re Glued To WABC

WABC – 12:00 midnight – 1:00 am – November 6, 1968 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – It’s Election Night: November 6, 1968. It’s also a school night, but you don’t care. You want to find out who’s going to be President. And even though you can’t vote, because you’re...