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U.S. Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge with General Khan 0

February 20, 1965 – Vietnam: Attempted Overthrow – Days Of Intrigue.

We gotta ask: Become a Patron! One of those days full of intrigues from Southeast Asia. In this case, an attempted coup on the part of troops loyal to former Premier Diem (who was assassinated and overthrown with a little CIA help), against troops loyal to Military strongman and Vietnamese...


February 19, 1951 – The Situation In Korea: Successful Advances – Attempted Revivals

Not to seem obvious, but . . .:Become a Patron! News on this day in 1951, via Edward R. Murrow and The News, gave upbeat assessments from General Matthew Ridgeway regarding the situation in Korea and U.S. advances along the 38th Parallel. At one point, Chinese troops were engaged, their...

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February 13, 1951: War In Korea – Withdrawals, Maneuvering, Condemnation And Celebrations Of An Alliance.

Become a Patron! Despite General MacArthur‘s spin that “we are continuing a war of maneuver”, a new phrase had entered into the Korean War Slang dictionary; “Buggin’ out”. On this February day in 1951, United Nations forces and the U.S. Army were in the process of retreating on several fronts,...


September 23, 1967 – Vietnam: Saving It By Destroying It – Sniper Fire In Aurora – Fighting Over Mao.

Subscribers can get this download for free: Become a Patron! Waking up to the news this morning in 1967 had much to do with the endless war of attrition in Vietnam. The ongoing battle, mounting casualties and airstrikes near the Marine outpost at Con Thien. The theory being to destroy...


September 13, 1951 – Advances In Korea – A Future For Germany – A New Job For Marshall

Become a Patron! News for this September 13th in 1950, came from the legendary newscaster Edward R. Murrow and his daily news program Edward R. Murrow And The News. And the news was cautious. In Korea, it was reported that General Walker claimed the days of retreat for UN forces...


We Don’t Have Magic Weapons To Win Wars Quickly – October 15, 1951

Click on the link here for Audio Player – CBS Radio – Edward R. Murrow and the News – October 15, 1951 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection Busy day, this October 15th in 1951. Looking for a peaceful solution to the arms race and President Truman calling for discussions and...


Henry Wallace Has A Word Or Two About America – October 4, 1948

Patrons can download this audio for free: Become a Patron! October of 1948, aside from everything else going on in the world, was also a Presidential campaign month. The Democrats had Harry Truman running for re-election (actually, election since he had assumed the Presidency when Franklin Roosevelt died in office...


Excursions Into Darkness – Recognition Of Red China And A Steel Strike – October 3, 1949

Click on the link here for Audio Player – ABC Radio: Baukhage Talking – news for October 3, 1949 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection A nervous October day in 1949. News of strikes dragging on, news of a creeping paranoia over Communists, news of Capitol Hill gamesmanship. Starting off was...