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Living On The Edge – July 27, 1965 – The War In Vietnam – The War On Poverty

Click on the Link: News for July 27, 1965 Living on the edge in 1965. A lot was hanging in the balance for this 27th day in July, 1965. President Johnson was meeting with Democratic Congressional leaders this particular morning for a consensus on the situation in Vietnam. At issue...


“An Hour Ago An Armistice Was Reached” – July 26, 1953

Click on the Link: Korean War Armistice – July 26, 1953 After three years of fighting and two years of attempts at a peace settlement, an Armistice had finally been reached ending the War in Korea. Announced by President Eisenhower, the Armistice was finally settled at 10:00 am on July...


July 9, 1951 – Peace Talks Kick Off In Korea

Become a Patron! This day in 1951 started off optimistically with the arrival of a UN negotiation team to Kaesong in Korea to begin Peace Talks aimed at ending the war. No easy feat, it seemed. As the road to Kaesong was roadblocked and prone to long delays by the...