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March 27, 1957 – The McClellan Hearings – RFK Vs. The Teamsters

Can’t keep it going without you: Become a Patron! News for this March 27th in 1957 had much to do with the ongoing Labor Racketeering Hearings going on in Washington. One of the up-and-coming stars of the hearings was a young Chief Counsel for the McLellan Committee on Improper Activities...


January 30, 1948 – “Bapuji Is No More!” – The Assassination Of Gandhi.

Become a Patron! Further evidence that some events which take place in history are not necessarily considered devastating at the time they occurred. This one, for example – the assassination of India’s spiritual leader Mohandas Gandhi on this day, January 30, 1948, was considered in U.S. media as just another...


September 23, 1967 – Vietnam: Saving It By Destroying It – Sniper Fire In Aurora – Fighting Over Mao.

Subscribers can get this download for free: Become a Patron! Waking up to the news this morning in 1967 had much to do with the endless war of attrition in Vietnam. The ongoing battle, mounting casualties and airstrikes near the Marine outpost at Con Thien. The theory being to destroy...

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Golden Hubcaps – Juvenile Delinquents – 1956 – Weekend Pop Chronicles

Golden Hubcaps – CBS Radio West Coast – KNX – April 16, 1956 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Juvenile Delinquency in 1956 – the big problem centered around hubcaps and hubcap stealing for fun and profit. Sounds silly, but apparently it was quite lucrative in 1956, and it drove...

1951 – Past Daily’s Thousand Yard Stare 0

1951 – Past Daily’s Thousand Yard Stare

1951 – Voices and Events – December 30, 1951 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – 1951. With the end of this year rapidly approaching, maybe it’s a good idea to look at other years, just to get an idea that things have always been just a little crazy, a little...

The Pretenders – Live At Montreux 1987 – Nights At The Roundtable: Concert Edition 0

The Pretenders – Live At Montreux 1987 – Nights At The Roundtable: Concert Edition

– The Pretenders – In Concert From Montreux 1987 – RTS-Swiss Radio July 7, 1987 – Keeping up the festive weekend with a concert by The Pretenders from Montreux in 1987. In the middle of the then-controversial Get Close Tour, this version of the Pretenders featured a different lineup than...

Should Wiretapping Be Legal? 1956 0

Should Wiretapping Be Legal? 1956

    . . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – American Forum – Should Wiretapping Be Legal? – June 3, 1956 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection. In the 1950s, with the Red Scare on everyone’s minds and Organized Crime in everyone’s newspaper, the question of...


The Clot Thickens – October 17, 1986

Click on the link here for Audio Player – CBS World News Roundup – October 17, 1986 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection A day of diplomatic wrangling, spin and damage control, this October 17th in 1986. Beginning with the White House sending former Attorney General Griffin Bell to Managua to...