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February 7, 1964 – The State Department Holds A Press Conference: The Subject Is Gitmo

On a day where crises were popping up seemingly everywhere, the focus on this February 7th in 1964 was the flare-up of bad relations with Cuba and threats by the Castro regime against our military base at Guantanamo. The flap began over the seizing of four Cuban fishing trawlers off...


October 23, 1962 – Cuban Missile Crisis: War Footing

Become a Patron! As the Cuban Missile Crisis reached the second day, ominous signs were apparent everywhere. Orders were issued, a blockade was to be enforced, protests were lodged, reserves were called up. The threat of war inched closer. And everyone sat and listened and waited and felt generally helpless...

Children in Europe - 1946 2

Relief And Recovery: A question Of Food – Coming Cold War: A Question Of Meddling – 1946 – UNRRA And The Russia-Iranian Dispute

Cedric Foster – News And Comment – April 1946 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – 1946 signified one year since the end of World War 2. In that year, the world went from a sigh of relief to an uneasy holding of breath, to glimpses of an uncertain future. In...

India- China border War - Nov. 1962 0

November 22, 1962 – Showdown On Tax Reform – Taking A Breather In The India-China War

November 22, 1962 – NBC Radio News Of The World – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – November 22, 1962 – A busy Thanksgiving Day in 1962. On Capitol Hill, an uproar over the new Tax Reform package and fears it may be shot down. Congressional leaders were putting the brakes...

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November 16, 1978 – Middle East: Escalating Suspense – Suspended Peace

November 16, 1978 – CBS World News Roundup – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – November 16, 1978 – A day of suspense and suspended animation in the Middle East. Egyptian President was sending his vice-President Hosni Mubarak to convey a message to President Carter: Egypt cannot accept a Peace Treaty...

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An Andrei Gromyko Press Conference – October 13, 1962 – Past Daily Reference Room

United Nations Press Conference – Andrei Gromyko – October 13, 1962 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Although it was bubbling just under the surface, the soon to be the near-catastrophic Cuban Missile Crisis wasn’t on the front page of newspapers or the lead-story on newscasts on this day. It...

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Barry Goldwater And The Plan For 1962 – Past Daily Reference Room

Barry Goldwater – Meet The Press – August 5, 1962 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Barry Goldwater; part of a new and vocal breed of the Conservative wing of the Republican Party in 1962. Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater represented what was described as the extreme element of the GOP....

Closing Day – Moscow Olympics – August 3, 1980 0

Closing Day – Moscow Olympics – August 3, 1980

– News from Radio Moscow – August 3, 1980 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Thirty-five years ago today, the Olympic games in Moscow came to an end. Since the U.S. and 65 other countries were boycotting the games, as a reaction to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, it turned...